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seek criticism quote

Do Not Seek Praise, Seek Criticism

“Do not seek praise, seek criticism.”–Paul Arden Everyone loves to be praised for his or her good work. It feels really good when someone appreciates you, your work, or your actions.

White space in Design

Importance of Whitespace in Design

“Whitespace is like air: it is necessary for design to breathe.” –Wojciech Zieliński Whitespace or empty space is an important entity in our life. Just look around you. Your living room is filled with different items. Within four walls, there would be tables, chairs, cabinets, sofas, and other items.

user testing

User Testing at Initial Design Stages

“Testing with one user early in the project is better than testing with 50 near the end.” — Steve Krug User testing helps immensely to improve your design decisions. Its importance cannot be neglected in the design process. The design process that you follow needs to involve user testing at each stage. 

advanced search UX

How To Improve Advanced Search UX?

Basic search is based on a single parameter whereas Advanced search is a way to find something from large content by defining criteria using multiple parameters


Strive for Simplicity in UX Design

“There’s a big difference between making a simple product & making a product simple.”— Des Traynor A simple product provides few very common and simple features. A product that is created for a limited scope and provides a set of functionality within that scope can be called a simple product.

user interface is like a joke

A User Interface is Like a Joke

“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good”. — Martin Leblanc When someone tells you a joke, he is expecting a laugh in response. And it feels odd if you don’t understand the joke and no such response comes from your side. 

best design writers

Best UX/Design Writers on Medium Who Always Inspire Me

My connection to Medium as a writer is not much older. Though I always liked to research UX articles and read them, but I started writing on Medium from last few months. No doubt, I found Medium the best platform for both new and experienced writers.


Best of UX Design Articles: April — May 2018

During the months of April and May, some of my Design posts are getting very positive responses from readers. I want to share titbits from a few of them in this article so that you can access all your favorite collections in one place.

consistent design

Consistency – A Key Design Principle

“Consistency is one of the most powerful usability principles: when things always behave the same, users don’t have to worry about what will happen.”— Jakob Nielsen Consistency is the key principle of UX design. A usable and user-friendly design always provides a consistent experience. 

error messages

How to Write Good Error Messages

Mistakes are unavoidable in our lives. When users are working on a product, it is very likely that they may be stuck somewhere in response to their actions. Such kind of situations can be frustrating for users if not handled appropriately within the product. It depends on the experience the product is providing to its …

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Diversity of People Equals Diversity of Ideas

“None of us is as smart as all of us. Keeping your ideas to yourself is detrimental. Diversity of people equals diversity of ideas.” — Denise Jacobs Sometimes people feel reluctant to share their ideas with others as they are afraid of being wrong. They assume that others will make fun of their thinking.

how to be a ux mentor

How To Be A Great UX Mentor?

What is UX Mentorship? Becoming a UX mentor requires a lot of effort, hard work, and experience in the field. “It is not necessary that a mentor is working in some senior executive role, but he should be able to help his mentees in growing their careers using his personal and work experience.” The role …

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Respectful Design

Respectful, Generous and Helpful Design

“If we want users to like our software we should design it to behave like a likeable person: respectful, generous and helpful.”–Alan Cooper Make sure to create a design that is respectful, generous and helpful for your user. A design is respectful if it gives respect to its user, and takes care of user’s needs.

Usability Testing of WhatsApp Web

A Usability Test on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp WhatsApp is a messaging service for mobile phones and the web that allows you to send text messages, images, audio and video through the internet. WhatsApp is being used worldwide and is the most popular online messaging app.

UI Guidelines Title

Why You Need UI Guidelines?

What Are UI Guidelines? While working on UI design, few principles and guidelines are required to follow that help you design a standard and consistent experience throughout your products.

UX Design Quotes

16 Quotes You Need to Read as UX Designer

Quotes are the best source of inspiration and learning. While working on UX design, UX quotes act the similar way for UX designers. They get inspiration and stay motivated by going through the related quotes again and again.

UX Designer As Tester Title

UX Designer As QA Tester — Enhanced Product Quality

Testing is an essential part of software development process. Testers test the software and find out bugs that help to enhance the quality of end product. As a result, your customer gets satisfied and happy when he is able to fulfill his requirements without any failure while using your product.

UX Passion

What Makes UX Design Your Passion?

A user experience (UX) designer defines how a user feels while interacting with a product. Below is a set of skills that make you a passionate UX designer. These skills are simple to learn and adopt in your design process.

All Caps Text

All Caps on UI: Good or Bad?

Using All Caps on UI does not sound like a good practice. There are many other ways to emphasize your point when you are putting textual information in design.