Popular Design Links — Aug & Sep 2018

A good UX designer always looks forward to learning and sharing related knowledge with other designers. The below list contains a few amazing UX links that I believe will enhance your UX understanding and help you to grow in the field.

Let’s have a look, and do not forget to share links that you would like other people to go through.


UX Design Process →

“In general, a basic UX design process consists of three major stages: analysis, user experience development and visual design.” — Katherine Lazarevich

CATEGORY: Guidelines

Checkbox vs Toggle Switch: 7 Use-Cases of Forms Design→

“When deciding between a checkbox and toggle switch control, it is better to focus on the usage context instead of their function.” — Saadia Minhas

The Complete Guide of Building Better Products With UX Writing→

“The goal of UX writer is to find a language that will simplify the process of interaction with a product.” — Nick Babich

Whitespace in Design→

“Whitespace is as much important in design as in your living room. It provides a breathing space to the user when he is using your design.”


When You Shouldn’t Take That UX Position→

“When you are reading the job description or participating in a phone screen or interview, there are some red flags and warning signs to keep in mind.” — Chris Kiess

Consistency: The One Quality All Successful UX Designers Have→

“Becoming a successful UX designer is based on many factors together. Out of those, Consistency is an attribute that helps you maintain every factor in a balanced form.”

How UX Designers Can Innovate→

“Inspiration can come and go, but creativity and innovation should be constants in your artistic process.” — Sean McGowan

Design for Non-Designers→

“Experience is directly proportional to practice. If you’re curious about design and if you constantly practice more combination, then you’ll design more beautiful in time.” — Mucahit Tutuncu

The Power of “I Don’t Know” in Product Design→

“Enthusiasm is an important part of UX. The designers I’ve worked well with are idealists, they see the world as something that can be fixed, improved and reimagined.” — Corey Waldin

CATEGORY: Industry

Apple’s New iPhones Are Simply Excellent→

“The iPhone Xs and Xs Max take performance and photography to the next level.” — Lance Ulanoff


This Brilliant New Tool is Like Google Search for Colors→

“Picular tool lets you search for colors by keyword and displays a range of colors based on the top 20 Google image search results for that keyword.”

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