Design Tip 15 - Navigation Bar

Design Tip #15 – Navigation Bar

Don’t use multiple colors in the bottom navigation bar. It will make it harder to find out the selected icon and navigate between options.

Design Tip 8_Button Labels

Design Tip #8 – Button Labels

Always use button labels that are clear and meaningful to the user. Button labels inspire the users to take an action. To indicate what a button will do, use the function as the label of the button.

design tip 5_primary action button

Design Tip #5

Always make the primary action standout on a page by making its visual stronger.

Design Tip #4

Most of the times, all fields in a form are mandatory except a couple of fields that are optional. To avoid clutter, it is better to mark optional label for fields that not required.

Design Tip 2

Design Tip #2

Display all options side by side when user has to select from 2 to 4 values.