Every Click is An Opportunity to Lose Prospects

Click and Navigate

“Every click is an opportunity to lose prospects.”— Bryan Eisenberg

Clicking in a site, app, or product is a way to navigate between multiple views. By clicking on available UI elements, the users interact with your product and move from one page to the other to perform their desired tasks.

Navigation is a crucial part of user experience design as the user flows cannot be completed without navigating through different views and pages. I must say,

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Colors in Design

Colors in Design

“There is nothing better than to see an amazing color in the right environment, it can change your whole mood.”— Morag Myerscough

Before talking about UX design, let’s have a look at colors around us and see how they are affecting our life. This world is very colorful, and our life will be dull without colors. The nature is full of colors and everything around look so perfect in its current that we cannot even imagine them colorless. Colors affect our moods, and no one can stop himself by praising a colorful view, whether it is sky, rainbow, trees, flowers, rivers or a human made creation.

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Good Design Vs Bad Design

bad design vs good design

“Bad design is smoke, while good design is a mirror.”— Juan Carlos Fernandez

What is bad design? The design that misleads the user just like smoke can mislead someone. It obscures the right direction as the smoke does.

Whereas the good design is reflective just like a mirror, and it displays the clear truth as a mirror displays the real image of everything.

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3-Click Rule and Usability

“Usability does not equate to a specific number of clicks, taps, swipes, pinches, flicks.” – John Morkes

The usability of a design is the measure of ease by which a user can work on a product to achieve the desired goals in an efficient way.

Usability has 5 components: Learnability, Efficiency, Memorability, Error Tolerance, and Satisfaction. Each of these components is related to the ease of use that a product provides to its users. One factor to provide the ease of use is the number of times the user must click, tap, swipe, pinch, or flick to perform a task.

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