Prototype as if you are Right, Listen as if you are Wrong

“Prototype as if you are right. Listen as if you are wrong”. – Diego Rodriguez Telechea

Prototyping is an iterative way of designing the draft version of your product that helps to validate your ideas without writing a single line of code. A prototype is a clickable journey of the proposed design. The purpose of a prototype is to test your design and get early feedback in the process.

Building prototypes is an important part of the design process. It provides a quick way of designing, testing, and updating the idea and then repeating the process until you are ready to start implementation. Conveying your design ideas using a prototype to the stakeholders is an effective way to get feedback and improve your designs before the implementation stage. Thus, prototyping is a cheap way to update your designs as compared to making changes in the actual product.

If you skip prototyping and go into the implementation stage, you are taking a huge risk as you don’t know whether people actually need your product. While testing the prototype with potential users, you can observe them, get feedback, and know about their problems.

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Keep the real purpose of prototyping in your mind. Convert your ideas into a prototype as if you are doing very right and you are confident about your design and its usage. And when you test this prototype with your users, be ready to listen to them as this is the only way to make things right. Never be afraid of iterating your prototype as it will eventually lead you toward the product that will satisfy users’ needs.

You only learn when things start breaking” – Colin Raney

Remember, the goal of the prototype is not to prove yourself right but to get an answer to your ideas. This answer helps you validate and improve the product idea to resolve the target users’ needs.

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