Bottom Tab Bar Navigation Design Best Practices

Bottom Tab Bar Navigation Design Best Practices

This article describes the best practices of the bottom tab bar navigation for mobile and tablet devices. First, let’s learn …


funniest ux design memes

18 Funniest UX Design Memes to Make You Laugh

Are you ready to take a fun break and enjoy UX design memes? Your wait is over! We have compiled …

Disabled Buttons UX - Usability Issues and How to Avoid Them

Disabled Buttons UX – Usability Issues and How to Avoid Them

This article describes the impact of disabled buttons on the overall user experience (UX). What are the usability issues related …

Enhance your website using AI

How to Enhance Your Website Using AI

Our world today is in a state of flux. There is a non-stopping evolution that is impacting every technology. In …

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To make things simple, avoid distractions in your design.
Simplicity: Avoid Distractions in Your Design

How to embrace simplicity in design by eliminating distractions? Prioritize simplicity in your designs by focusing on: → Clarity→ Minimalism→ …

AI and UX design quote
How AI and UX Design Work Together

“I see AI as a tool. When designers master that tool, they can expand their ability.” — Paola Antonelli UX …

Prototype as if you are Right, Listen as if you are Wrong

Prototyping is an iterative way of designing the draft version of your product that helps to validate your ideas without writing a single line of code.

Learning Bytes

AI design tools
5 Best AI Design Tools to Boost Your Efficiency

In the exciting world of design, artificial intelligence (AI) is …

Benefits of Mobile First Approach
6 Benefits of Adopting A Mobile-First Strategy

Due to the increase in the number of mobile users, the need for acquiring a seamless user experience on all devices has increased.

5 Steps to Conduct UX Redesign
5 Simple Steps to Conduct Successful UX Redesign

With the latest trends in UX design and technology, it is important to align your product with users’ needs as well as your business objectives.


Design Tip - Filled vs. Outlined icons
Design Tip#25 – Filled vs. Outlined Icons

Do not use a mix of filled icons and outline icons on …

Design Tip 24_use icon and text message to indicate errors
Design Tip#24 – Use Visual Indication and Text Message to Explain Errors

To encourage minimalist design, it’s tempting to use only the color to indicate an error, however, it is better to provide a related icon and text message.

Empty state design tip
Design Tip#23 – How to Design Empty States?

A well-designed empty state uses visuals to show the purpose of the app and suggests actions that the user can take in response to an empty state.