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How AI and UX Design Work Together

“I see AI as a tool. When designers master that tool, they can expand their ability.” — Paola Antonelli

UX design is a field that requires continuous learning of the latest tools and technologies. If you are a UX designer and do not care about the evolution happening around you, then be ready to fall behind the competition.

UX designers use a number of tools to complete their work during each stage of the design process. These tools help UX designers and assist them in their tasks, thus making it easier to produce high-quality output at a fast pace.

Like other tools that you use while designing the experiences for your users, AI is a tool that helps UX designers intelligently to design experiences that best match users’ needs.

AI tools are not meant to replace or frighten UX designers, however, they are developed to help UX designers by providing means of automating the processes. Using these tools during different stages of the design process helps to quickly generate the outputs.

Using AI tools, UX designers can find ways to conduct effective user research, generate user personas, develop user flows, and find ideas to design layouts and user interfaces.

There is a need to understand that AI is not a monster, rather it is there to simplify the complex process. AI makes things better and easier.

“AI is not Mary Poppins, not a fairy, and certainly not a monster. I would love it if designers and artists could show AI as a nice pet running through our lives and making things a little better.” – Google Design

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