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6 Creative Pagination UI Styles

Pagination is an important visual design element. Whether we talk about desktop, mobile, or web-based systems, pagination UI is needed to navigate content that is displayed on multiple pages. 

Below is a collection of creative pagination UI styles that can be used while designing an app or site.

1. Highlight Selected Link

A simple approach is to highlight the selected link to make it prominent among a set of available links. 

Pagination UI
Pagination UI

A change in color displays the selected link differently than other links. Darin

pagination underline UI
A simple underline effect makes a link prominent from its other siblings. aimée

Pagination highlight UI
An explicitly selected highlight color makes it much easier for users to understand the selection. Darin

pagination background UI
An elegant way of highlighting the selected link is by using a background color. Trevor

2. Large Number of Links

A large number of links cannot be placed in a pagination control due to the limitation of available space. The pagination UI adjusts itself in different ways.

pagination background UI
Dots are displayed between pagination links where the user can click and go to a page. These dots show that there are other pages available in between the visible page links.Ifeanyi
pagination background UI
Using Next and Previous controls and Dots, it becomes easier for users to navigate between a large number of page links. Luis
pagination dots UI
Another way of displaying a large number of links is to label only a few links like First, Last, and Selected. The remaining links are displayed as dots and users can select them to go to other pages. Drágus

3. Custom Input

An input box is provided where users can provide a page link label or value as input to go directly to that page.

pagination custom UI
It provides a better usability option where users can enter the label of a page link to go to that page. Arun
efficient pagination UI
Another option is where the user can select an available pagination link from the options available in a drop-down menu. Gabriel

4. Next and Previous Links 

Another approach is to provide Next and Previous links to navigate between page links in addition to clicking a link itself.

next previous links pagination UI
Next and Previous links are user-friendly options to navigate between the next and previous page links of a selected link. Ifeanyi

5. Dots Only

At times, when there is a lesser number of page links, dots can be used instead of labels.

Pagination dots UI
Dots are a good iconic representation of pagination links. Chris

6. Twelve in One

There can be various ways to provide pagination options.

pagination twelve styles UI
Twelve usable pagination styles for a designer to select from them as per requirements. Dawson


Pagination is a user interaction control that needs to be designed carefully. The purpose is to provide users with a good experience when they are navigating the content using this control. The given collection of styles can be used while designing a pagination UI for your website or app.

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