Do Not Seek Praise, Seek Criticism

seek criticism quote

“Do not seek praise, seek criticism.”–Paul Arden

Everyone loves to be praised for his or her good work. It feels really good when someone appreciates you, your work, or your actions.

But what actually can help you improve further is criticism. Whether we talk about daily life routine or UX design work, criticism teaches you what needs to be changed.

Feedback is much important in UX design process. You need to take feedback during each step in order to go to the next step. When you are designing something, you get fully absorbed in the defined features as you are working on it days and nights. And there is much chance that you may skip some important considerations. A third eye will help you to give attention to missing details.

Critical feedback of your design work can help you like anything in your UX career. You will know that how a user thinks about a certain feature and what experience he wants to feel when using your product.

Do not worry about negative feedback on your design, but instead think how to use this feedback to improve your ideas. Accept it gracefully and find out something positive from this negative feedback.

Never give up due to criticism and try again and again to be a better designer.

If someone is giving you constructive criticism, be thankful to them as they have spent a lot of time while evaluating your work. These are the people who love you and they truly want you to improve yourself.

The best way to grow and excel in design field is to get analyzed your UX work critically and then improve it, and go through this process repeatedly with great patience.

Remember, people who listen to criticism improve themselves!

Praise may make you feel good, but you need criticism to make yourself stronger and better.”

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