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Look at Usual Things With Unusual Eyes

“Look at usual things with unusual eyes.”–Vico Magistretti

Being a UX designer, you must have an eye to look usual things in an unusual way.

Just look at the text editor you are using right now.

Can you feel that there are few things that need to improve? Maybe visual artifacts or logical grouping of options on UI?

If yes, then you can see things in the same way as UX designers look around them.

Before taking a step into the UX career you may not be able to look at things differently from others, but as you start working on UX, you develop a habit of looking at things with a different eye.

“A UX designer can easily and quickly judge what needs to change from user’s perspective.”

This is not limited to software applications only, but even when you use things in daily life, something similar happens.

You are sitting on a chair with a table in front of you, you can easily judge their usability.

If you are using a tap to get water, you can analyze the experience it provides to you.

You can make tea using an electric kettle, you can find whether it is easier to use or not.

“This is the observation skill that a UX designer must have and it helps him to look and observe things keenly around him.”

How do observation skills help you in UX designing?

  • To feel the difference between good and bad designs
  • To understand user’s behaviors and needs
  • To give attention to minor details
  • To perform effective usability testing exercises
  • To find logical reasons behind UI decisions

Good observation skill is necessary to find the problem around you, understand it, and then solve it.

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