Figma Config 2024

Figma Config 2024 – Figma AI, Redesign UI3, Slides and More

It is an exciting time for designers as Figma config 2024 announced a few most awaited updates. These include AI support, a complete redesign of Figma, Figma slides, and many more.

Let’s have a look at these updates. See our LinkedIn post here.

If you don’t want to read the article, watch the video showing Figma Config 2024 updates.

1. Generate design from prompts

  • You can describe your requirements, and this new feature will generate an initial draft design in Figma for you.
  • You can continue the process, refine the design options, and finalize the best one.
Figma AI - Generate Designs from Prompts

2. Visual search

  • Visual Search allows you to discover designs through image uploads, canvas selections, or text queries.
  • Figma uses AI to understand the meaning behind your search inputs and generate results intelligently.
Config 2024 - Visual Search

3. Automatic layer renaming

  • A minor feature that can streamline hours of monotonous tasks.
  • This feature helps in maintaining organized, clear, and developer-ready files.
Config 2024 - Rename layers

4. AI-powered content

  • Easily translate, shorten, or rephrase text with just one click.
  • Say goodbye to lorem ipsum and bring authenticity to your mockups by automatically generating relevant text content.
Config 2024 - AI-powered content

5. Background removal

  • You can remove image backgrounds directly on the canvas.
  • This feature enables you to enhance your images and produce impressive visuals without switching the tool.
Config 2024 - background removal

6. Quick prototyping

  • It allows you to quickly turn static mocks into interactive prototypes automatically.
  • Bring ideas to life and get stakeholder buy-in in a click.
Config 2024 - quick prototyping

7. Figma redesign – UI3

  • The latest major redesign, UI3, has been launched.
  • This sets the groundwork for Figma’s development in the upcoming decade.
Figma UI3

8. Collapsible & resizable panels

  • The updated UI features collapsible panels, providing more space on the canvas for your work to take center stage.
  • You can resize the panels to customize your workspace and easily access component descriptions and property labels.
Figma resizable panels

9. Streamlined properties

  • Simplified properties have been improved to enhance usability and understanding.
  • The new layout effectively supports existing workflows.
Figma streamlined properties

10. Figma slides

  • Figma Slides includes all the fundamental features of a slides app.
  • Designers can enhance their presentations by enabling design mode to access Figma’s complete range of tools within slides, such as Auto Layout and advanced features.
  • AI will help you adjust the tone and translate your text to craft a perfect message for your audience.

11. Intuitive auto layout

  • Figma can suggest when multiple frames of Auto Layout might be needed for a full design element,
  • Holding ‘ctrl’ allows you to bypass Auto Layout while moving a design element into an Auto Layout frame to establish an absolute position.
suggested auto layout - Figma config 2024

12. Responsive viewer

  • The prototype viewer enables you to resize your design responsively and examine it.
  • By utilizing a new menu option, the viewer will uphold constraints and Auto Layout properties while resizing the viewer window or choosing a different device frame.
Figma Responsive viewer

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