incremental design and improvements

What is the Incremental Design Approach?

“Designers want to solve the whole puzzle and find a system; engineers want to build quickly and incrementally. Incremental improvements to a product are important, but they need to be led by a clear vision. Vision needs to be tied to a solid understanding of customers and the market.” — Aarron Walter

What is incremental design?

The incremental design approach requires breaking down the large design problem into smaller parts. And work on these parts one by one while delivering each increment to the customer separately. It allows us to get feedback on each increment, identify improvements, and make them part of the next increment.

This approach helps build and deliver multiple MVPs to customers while ensuring each MVP includes improvements based on the customer feedback received for the previous MVP. Certain conditions regarding priority, urgency, and business needs are validated before committing anything to customers.

Ways to succeed in incremental design approach

It is important to plan the incremental improvements based on the product vision.

A shared and clear product vision is the foundation of a successful product.

A clear vision is led by user research as well as market research. While planning an increment, understand the needs and requirements of your users. Make sure the features you plan are market-fit, and a reasonable audience is looking for them.

“Whoever understands the customer best, wins.” – Mike Gospe

Each increment is planned according to the users and market needs. This is the only way to take the benefits of a true incremental approach. By following an incremental design approach, you will:

  • get more visibility by sharing your product with users
  • remain flexible by welcoming frequent changes,
  • feel more productive by delivering more often, and
  • launch faster while delivering your product in small increments.

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