People ignore design that ignores people.

Why Do You Need to Understand Your Users?

“People ignore design that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero

The core principle of user experience is to keep the user first in your design process. A product that satisfies the needs of its users is a successful product and the users love to work on it. 

The user experience is defined as how users feel while working on a product. A good user experience is one that allows users to meet their goals easily and efficiently. To build such a user experience, it is required to involve users in your design process from the beginning.

Start your process by understanding your users. Know your users, meet with them, observe them, and understand their pain points. Talk to them and see how they are working in their actual environment. 

Perform user-centered design research. Collect data about their needs and goals. Create user personas based on the collected information and stick yourself to these personas throughout the design process.

When you work on the design stage, involve users in the process. Share your ideas with them. Create wireframes and get users’ feedback on the layout and structure of the design. Incorporate the feedback in the design images.

Create prototypes and test them with the users. Iterate the process based on users’ feedback till the user is satisfied. 

Doing user testing at the early design stages helps you save cost and effort in the development stage. 

Create an accessible design and make it usable for all user types. Involving users in your design process is the heart of user-centric design.

Remember, you are not your users, hence do not impose your opinions. As a UX designer, it is your responsibility to keep users first and not design a single screen or feature without getting users’ feedback.

“What works good is better than what looks good, because what works good lasts” – Ray Eames.

If the user is not comfortable with your product, then it is of no use. To earn the users’ confidence and trust, it is essential to provide them with an experience that they love to use.

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