7 Useful Ways to Improve Your Website's User Experience

7 Useful Ways to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Web design in the modern era has become more challenging due to the increase in competition as a result of global digitalization. To compete in this era, you must be equipped with the ability to tackle the latest trends and make a competent design.

User Experience Roles

Understanding User Experience (UX) Roles

A UX design is a repetitive process that involves different types of roles and each role is assigned with different types of tasks and responsibilities. The UX roles are continuously changing with time therefore before selecting a certain UX role to follow, you must find your interest in the respective role.

Usability Testing

A Guide on How to Conduct Usability Testing

Usability testing is a powerful technique that helps you to test a product among a set of participants. This test helps to evaluate the product in terms of both user experience and functionality and highlights any shortcomings that need to be resolved before developing and launching the product.

Accessible Design

5 Principles of Accessible Design

As a UX designer, you want as many people as possible to be able to use your site with ease. Everyone should be able to experience your site or app so it’s important to make it as accessible as possible for users with disabilities.

Confirmation Bias

How to Overcome Confirmation Bias in UX Design?

Confirmation bias is the tendency to look for the information or interpret the information in a way that supports our prior beliefs and opinions. Being a human, this tendency is natural, and it is very common to pay attention to things that match our views and ignore or dislike the piece of information that contradicts our opinions even if it is correct or based on facts.

UX Career Title

How to Become a Good UX Designer?

UX Design is a career for you if you have relevant education, you are interested in design thinking, you want to study human behaviors, or you love innovation and creativity.