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6 Important Factors that Influence User Experience Design

UX Factors

User experience (UX) design defines how a user feels while interacting with a product. During the past two years, everything has changed due to COVID. The majority of daily life operations are shifted online. This created a huge demand for UX design and thereby UX designers. This has increased the competition in the UX design field. There are several UX influencing factors that need to consider while designing a product. They will help to attract users and make a usable product that helps them achieve the desired goals. Below are a few important factors to consider while designing the user experience of your products.


Your product must be useful. In other words, there must be a very high demand for the respective product in the market. You can figure this out by carrying out the process of product validation before starting work on the design of your product. Product validation will help you to find out whether the product you are going to create is in the demand or not. If the product is in demand then you can give your team a green signal to work on the development and design of that product. In case you fail to do product validation then you may end up designing a product that isn’t usable anymore in the market.


The product upon use must have a pleasant and charming impact in users’ minds. To make your product usable you must need to know what your user demands from you. To know the opinion of your users you can conduct interviews or you can put in online survey forms. By doing this you will be able to know exactly what your users want to achieve from your product. Therefore you can set your objectives according to user requirements which results in a product that is usable for your users.


You must be very careful regarding your credibility because once your credibility is lost, no one will trust you, and you will eventually suffer a loss. For a UX designer, the credibility lies behind the successful designs which users love to use. Nowadays there is very tough competition in the UX design field. You must not think that your users are a fool and they will trust you blindly. If you won’t develop a product according to your user’s requirements, you must get ready to face the consequences because your users will go to some other designer.

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Findability is all about organizing the information in the right way so it becomes easier for the user to understand and get a clear picture of your idea. Let’s take an example of a project report. In the project report, you will see a sequence in which the abstract comes first, then we have different sections in order like a table of contents, introduction, literature review, a detailed discussion of the project work, results achieved, and conclusion.

The same applies to UX design. If you are designing a website, you will arrange UI elements and content on the page according to their importance. The most important elements will be placed at the top so that the user finds them easily without any lag or confusion. This is all about findability. 


Accessibility is important for a successful product. Accessibility is all about access to the product to all types of audiences. This involves the audience having no disability and also the audience having some disabilities like hearing or vision problems or both at the same time. Therefore while designing of product you will keep in mind that your product must be able to facilitate every kind of audience.


The product must bring value to its users as well as to its business and organization. Remember the market is very cruel. A 100-dollar product that can solve a $10,000 problem is better than a $10,000 product that can solve a 100-dollar problem.  


Building a product that satisfies your users is more than designing a good user experience. There is a need to take care of some important factors while designing the product experience. Products that are useful, usable, findable, credible, accessible, and valuable are in high demand and help you retain your customers as well as attract potential customers.

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