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Why Hiring UX Designers is Important for Your Startup?

The demand for UX design has increased for businesses as CEOs have realized the importance of user experience for the success of their organizations. They are well aware of the loss they are going to face in the absence of a good user experience.

UX designers have become as important for an organization as software developers, and even more than that.

Hiring a UX designer for your business will help identify your users, understand their needs, and allow you to define better solutions to their problems. The result is enhanced customer satisfaction and increased loyalty. Both of these factors are incredibly important for your business.

Key Takeaways

A UX designer helps you to grow your business by:

  • Identifying your ideal audience
  • Understanding the needs of your users
  • Identifying the market trends you should focus on
  • Ensuring your product addresses the pain points of users
  • Enhancing your website experience and brand design
  • Building your effective online presence
  • Hence making it easier for you to attain user satisfaction.

Why is UX design important for startups?

It is quite easy to neglect the importance of UX design in entrepreneurship. If you are jumping into entrepreneurship without knowing what your audience wants to see, you will prepare something that the market does not need, and hence your idea will flop.

In today’s competitive world, it becomes necessary to identify the users’ needs before stepping into the market along with your ideas and products.

Getting support from a UX designer will help you to identify the potential users’ needs and goals. And you can decide how you should move forward to help them achieve their goals using your products.

Think about your favorite brands like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Dropbox. They are providing amazing user experiences to their users. Just imagine if they have not invested in improved user experience, do you see them at the same place in the competition?

Not at all. It is the amazing user experience that helps them to attain an outstanding position among their competitors. They have focused on user experience from the beginning of their journey and earned loyal users.

What is the role of UX designers in startups?

When you build a startup, a UX designer can help you in several ways as mentioned below.

1. Identify the need for your product

According to recent data from 2020, 90% of new startups fail and only 1% become successful.

There are multiple reasons for startup failures, however, the No market need is the number one reason startups fail. Most of these startups offered a product or service with little to no market need. This identifies the lack of research on the actual problems the customers face and the need for a proper solution to resolve them.

Defining the problem and understanding the users is an important part of the UX design process.

UX designers conduct user research, meet with them, observe them, and see their responses to problems in the real environment. A UX designer can do competitive analysis, identify users’ needs, and explore the solutions already in place to resolve them. Based on this analysis, the team can identify the specific goal and the problem they should address to help the users.

“Create products that people “need” rather than just “want”. Instead of chasing ideas, solve problems.”

2. Product design (research, design, user testing)

UX designers help you follow the UX design process for building the product you want to launch in the market. They start with an idea, do user research, define personas, draw sketches and wireframes, and build prototypes. They help during the development phase and conduct user testing to identify improvement areas.

This user-centered design process requires user involvement during each stage of the process. Involving the users from the start of the process helps you get early feedback and identify the real pain points to be addressed.

3. Brand design

Branding is important! Like it “make or break your entire business”.

Your brand is the identity that will help your clients to recognize you in this crowded digital world. It helps you to build trust in your clients. To design an impressive brand, you need a UX designer who can immensely work on deciding the logo, color theme, guidelines, icons, and typography for your artifacts. Branding helps you represent yourself consistently on all online platforms.  

UX designers will understand your business and the needs of your clients and users. Based on this understanding, they help you to define an impressive brand for your business.

4. Effective online presence

A strong online presence is a must for your startup to grow and succeed. A website helps you to show the world about your business and the services you are offering. Your online presence allows you to make your business accessible all the time to a larger audience.

UX designers help you design an easy-to-use website to promote your business. A properly designed website with well-written content attracts customers to decide about the offers you are providing to them. An online presence is not limited to a website, you need to utilize different social media channels to present your work.

UX designers design suitable content for social media platforms and post regularly. They will make it possible for you to communicate with your potential customers and get to know about their choices and needs.

Things to consider before hiring UX designers

Before hiring a UX designer for your startup, there are a few questions that you should clarify.

  • What is the purpose of your products and services? What do you want to achieve from your product?
  • What is your target audience? How will you help to resolve their problems?
  • What is your budget? How much can you spend on a UX designer?
  • Whether you should go for a senior UX designer or a junior UX person can help you achieve your objectives.

Ask these questions yourself and then based on the answers, go ahead and hire a UX designer for your startup with clear intentions.

Hire a UX Designer

Benefits of UX Designers White - Infographic

Remember, it is important to empower the role of UX designers within your organization so that they can better utilize their expertise and knowledge and help you grow your business.

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