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Understanding Popular UX Job Roles

Understanding the UX job roles and titles is an important topic that always creates confusion in your mind. There are several overlapping titles defined in the market that makes it difficult to select the required role.

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UX Design Process

It is a good approach to link the UX design roles with the UX design process.

First, understand the activities required to do during each stage of the UX design process. Then, Map the responsibilities of each UX design role to the activities being performed during each stage of the process.

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UX Design Roles

This helps you identify the key UX design roles required to work on a UX project by following an effective design process.

These key roles include:

  • UX Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • UX Writer

The other titles being used in the market can easily be mapped to one of these roles by comparing the responsibilities.

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UX Designer

The UX designer is the most common role being used in the market. A UX designer is involved in all stages of the design process.

Responsibilities of a UX designer include:

  • User research
  • Brainstorming and generating new ideas
  • Design UI screens and create prototypes
  • Conduct usability testing and prepare testing reports
  • Identify improvements and reiterate the design to improve
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Product Designer

A Product designer takes care of product goals and business needs in addition to being involved in all stages of the design process.

Responsibilities of a product designer include:

  • All responsibilities of the UX designer
  • Take care of product strategy and business goals
  • Ensure the design consistency of the whole product
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Visual Designer

The visual designer is a specialized role who is responsible for the aesthetic part of the design and defines an appealing look of the product.

Responsibilities of a visual designer include:

  • Design visual interface including images, icons, colors, fonts, typography
  • Test and review the visual design and improve it
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UX Researcher

A critical role who conducts user research for a product. Performing user research is the most important step of the design process. Without knowing your users and their needs, it is not possible to design the right product that satisfies your users.

Responsibilities of a UX researcher include:

  • Conduct user research, meet with users, talk to them, interview them, and observe them
  • Understand user needs
  • Analyze the collected information and create user personas
  • Conduct usability testing and prepare testing reports
  • Test the designed UI and evaluate it in terms of user needs
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UX Writer

A UX writer defines the product language by using understandable and consistent content throughout the product.

Responsibilities of a UX writer include:

  • Make a consistent and user-friendly product language
  • Define the content for UI elements like navigation, menu items, labels, etc.
  • Define UI messages that convey necessary information to the user gracefully
  • Test the design to ensure consistent copywriting
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Remember, UX roles are continuously changing.

So, it is better to follow your interests and passion and choose a role you like!

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