32 ChatGPT Prompts for UX Writers

32 ChatGPT Use Cases for UX Writers

The user interface provides a surface where the users interact with your product to use it. The user interface displays visual and textual elements to make the product usable. Whether it is an image, a label, or a text message, a user who comes to use your design should easily understand its meaning and be able to perform the desired action with ease.

UX writing involves every kind of text shown on the user interface. This text should be understandable enough so the users can move through the interface without confusion.

 As technology and communication evolve, the combination of UX writing and ChatGPT brings a new era in crafting compelling user-centric content. UX writers need to expand their productivity and outcomes by leveraging the power of AI. The UX writing and AI together redefine how we engage with our users.

ChatGPT has changed the way of work for many of us, and everyone is eager to take advantage of this AI tool to improve their outcomes.

I used to define ChatGPT prompts to increase my productivity and generate a high-quality outcome as a UX designer. I collected a list of practical ChatGPT prompts that I used to improve my UX writing skills. This collection is your guide to mastering the craft by leveraging AI to enhance user interactions and create seamless and intuitive experiences. 

 Whether you’re a seasoned UX writer or a newcomer to the field, this guide will help you enhance your UX writing skills using the power of AI. Asking quality questions as prompts will help you take advantage of ChatGPT.

Are you ready to reshape the future of user experiences through your words? Go ahead and let the exploration begin.
Access the complete list of 32 ChatGPT use cases for UX Writers here.


1.  UX Writing Requirements

My prompt:

I am working as a UX Writer for a healthcare app. We are going to provide separate sections for Doctors and Patients. Patients can come and see a list of available doctors and book appointments. The appointment can be in person or online through video calls. Payments can be made online.

Write down the key UX writing requirements for this app. 

 ChatGPT’s response:


2.  UX Writing Trends 

My prompt:

I am designing an e-commerce app (like Nike).

Write a few popular UX writing trends that I can use in my design to make my app more understandable for users.

 ChatGPT’s response:


3.  Translation 

My prompt:

Translate the following content to the German language for my mobile game that focuses on creating Words using the available alphabet. Here is the content that needs to be translated:

Choose, Words, Letters, Puzzle, Correct, Try Again, Excellent

ChatGPT’s response:


4.  Upgrade Message 

My prompt:

Write an Upgrade message for users that I want to display in my app “ComfoLux”.


Message: Get the power of ComfioLux Business and unlock more features! 

Button: Upgrade Now

 ChatGPT’s response: 

 Access the complete list of 32 ChatGPT use cases for UX Writers here. 

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