Wondershare Mockitt – A Solution to Manage Enterprise Level Prototyping

Prototyping allows you to validate your design concepts with your clients before going into the development stage. This allows you to get early feedback in the process and hence improve your design ideas at the initial stages of the design process.

A prototype helps you in the following ways:

  • Getting early feedback
  • Make changes easier and cheaper
  • Ensure user involvement

Wondershare Mockitt is an online prototyping and collaboration tool that helps you boost productivity and project implementation by seamless co-editing and co-management of projects for your enterprise business.

This tool empowers your design journey, present your ideas, validate your concepts, and implement the design. It is a cloud-based creativity product by Wondershare that also supports desktop versions for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Key Features

Let’s have a look at the powerful features that make Wondershare Mockitt the best prototyping tool of today’s digital world.

Design with Ease

Mockitt allows you to design Interactive and animated prototypes that illustrate your ideas in front of clients and enhance their experience. Because of the simple drag and drop interface, an almost zero learning curve is required to start working on Mockitt.

Reusable Assets

Mockitt provides a set of Libraries Full of reusable Assets and Templates. Built-in libraries help beginners to use the existing objects and build interactive prototypes quickly and easily. In addition, you can create your own libraries to bring customization into your workflow and reuse later them in your prototypes.


Collaboration is one of Mockitt’s powerful features that makes it unique among its competitors. Mockitt allows your team to work together on the same prototype and collaborate in real-time. You can share your prototypes with various stakeholders and through simple URLs and allow them to review and edit the prototypes. Multiple members can work on the same prototype, review and edit it, thus allowing seamless and instant communication across the team.

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An intuitive commenting feature allows you to keep all the communication around your projects organized in one place. To make collaboration more effective, you can assign team members a set of rights depending on their role in the project. For example, you can restrict the right of deleting the prototype to a limited number of members.      

Automated Style Guides

There is no need to build extensive specs guidelines for developers as Mockitt provides the facility to generate code for CSS, Swift, and Android automatically. This saves time and ensures a consistent experience throughout the prototype.

Cloud Support
Since Mockitt is a cloud-based tool, it can use directly in the browser without worrying about the installation process. Your work is being saved on the cloud, hence there is no need to save explicitly on your local drive. You can access your work anytime from anywhere in the world and make changes.

Why Enterprise choose Wondershare Mockitt?

Mockitt provides strong features to facilitate enterprise-level prototyping projects. Mockitt covers all industries, including finance, education, transport, e-commerce, lifestyle, media, healthcare, and e-commerce, thus making it stand out from other competitors.

Enterprise-Level Communications

Mockitt provides a transparent communication method for its users where team members can view the projects, communicate in real-time, and make edits that are synced in no time. A proper versioning system is defined where users can create versions and collaborate efficiently. Versioning makes it easier to keep track of changes that are made by multiple users collaborating on the same prototype.

Enterprise Permissions

There is a mechanism to provide enterprise role-based permissions that helps to keep your data secure. Project data never leaves your enterprise servers. Role-based permissions allow you to well manage the privacy of the projects.

Enterprise Privatization

Mockitt provides high-level privatization of your enterprise data. Data isolation, multi-level disaster recovery backup, algorithms and keys double protection, and privately-owned cloud features make the privatization process much stronger. You can also transfer your all online projects to private Enterprise smoothly.

Efficient Costing

Mockitt can be accessed from anywhere with valid credentials, thus enabling new staff to start quickly without any longer installation process. Online registration is all you need. It works on the mode of ‘Pay only for what you use’, thus you need to pay only for the required features.

Enterprise-Level Security

Mockitt has been built according to client-defined specifications, so you won’t have to worry about security, compatibility, procurement, or access control. By following the latest security mechanism, Mockitt ensures that your data is well protected on the cloud.


Selecting a prototyping tool is an important decision while you are creating the prototypes for your product. You need to select a tool that best suits your requirements and provides you an easy way to create your prototypes. Wondershare Mockitt is the best choice for enterprise-level prototyping projects that provides powerful collaboration among teams while providing high-level security of your data on the cloud.

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