Design is problem solving

Design is Problem Solving

“Design’s fundamental role is problem solver” – Fast Company

Let’s understand what Design is. A collection of art, images, and text combined to give a pleasant look, or does design mean something more?

Why do you design something? The process of designing always starts with a problem in hand. Design helps to resolve the problem in a way that satisfies the related user or group of users.

The main goal of UX designers should be to solve the given problem in the best possible way. For this purpose, they need to follow the following steps:

  • Understand the problem
  • Devise a plan to solve it
  • Follow the plan and define solutions
  • Test the solutions
  • Iterate and Improve

These steps can be mapped to any problem you face in everyday life. Design works similarly. The first step is to understand the problem. To understand the problem, as a UX designer, you need to meet with the users who are facing the problem and what they want to resolve it.

After understanding the problem, you will devise a plan to work on its solution. What areas do you need to explore and what steps you will follow to define the solution?

Then you need to work on the plan and identify different solutions that can help to resolve the problem. After you work on the solutions, there is a need to test those solutions with real users. This will help you get their feedback and thus iterate and improve the solution.

Design is not limited to resolving simple problems, it helps to provide an easy solution for complex problems as well. Design not only helps to provide a text editor to users; it also makes it simple to go through the lifecycle of machine learning models.

If you are not designing your products to resolve the user’s problems, then even beautifully designed products are not useful for the outer world.

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