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How to Create Effective Logo for Your Business?

Unique Logo

What Is A Logo?

A logo is a sign or symbol that identifies a company or a brand. A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that behaves as a face for your business and gives you recognition in front of your clients.

Importance of Logo

The importance of a logo can be understood by the fact that this is the first thing that attracts your potential customers. They can see your logo and get an idea of your business and the services that you can provide to them. It gives a visual representation to your business and builds your trust in the industry.  

What makes an Effective Logo?


The logo design promotes your business and builds brand identity. It should be unique and based on an original idea. Copying a logo of another brand does not help you to build a unique identity for your business. Also, it will not give a good impact on your clients.

BYD Auto Company is an automobile manufacturer from China. They had used the logo which is almost similar to the trademark logo of the German car giant, BMW featuring the same colors and design. However using a popular brand’s design makes it hard for them to build their independent identity.


One of the basic requirements and qualities of a great logo design is that it represents a simple concept or idea. A simple logo is easy to understand and helps the viewer to understand the meaning of your services and business. Adding too many elements in a logo makes it complex and difficult to understand.

At the same time, using many fonts and colors in the logo design will confuse the viewer, and hence you will not be able to convey your message clearly to them.

A simple and neat logo shows that you are an organized individual who can handle complex problems with simple solutions.

This image shows a complex logo vs. a simple logo. The difference is quite clear.

Memorable Design

An effective logo should be memorable.  A simple tip to create a memorable logo is to use a unique concept. A unique design will stand up in the crowd and it will be easier for the users to recognize and memorize it quickly. A logo design which is similar to another brand will always make it harder for users to identify the related business at first glance.

Another quality that makes a logo unique is to make it meaningful. Make a logo that identifies the purpose of your business because if the logo is relatable to your business, it is easier to memorize it.

Locum, a Swedish property management company has used this logo to show its brand. However, it seems hard to relate the logo with their services and hence difficult to memorize the concept.

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Timeless Concept

As mentioned above, a logo is the identity of your business. And identity is not something that is going to change with time. A logo design should be based on a timeless concept which means to use a concept that does not change with time.

Usually, the designers follow the latest trends to create UI design. However, to create an effective logo, following the current trend is not a wise decision as you will need to re-design the logo each time the trend is changed. And it is not a good idea to confuse your clients with a changed logo after a few months or years.

For example, the Apple company uses the image of an apple from decades and it has become their identity in the whole world. They will never want to change the concept of their logo as it will give a bad impression of their identity.


In today’s digital world, you need to promote your business on multiple devices and channels. To cater to the needs of different devices and channels, the logo design should be responsive and versatile.

A responsive logo adjusts itself in different screen sizes across multiple devices, and it should look equally good everywhere. Design a logo that can be resized for small devices and still represents your brands efficiently. Use colors that look good on different backgrounds. Define details that can be simplified easily in less space.

The important thing is that the unique characteristics of your logo should be retained in all variations. So that the people can recognize your brand without having to think about it. 

It can be seen from the image above that how the details in the Kodak logo are being reduced as the size of the image reduces to fit for multiple devices.


A logo has a visual impact on your brand or business, thus try to make an easy to understand and meaningful logo for your brand. Make sure that it looks good in every size and at every place. Use colors that make the logo more effective and try a black and white version as well. It is important that the logo reflects the message that you want to convey to your audience.

What is your opinion of logo design, and what do you think makes a logo effective for your business?

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