Simplicity in Design

Simple Design

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupery

A good design contains everything that is required to satisfy its users. What is meant by “everything”? Does “everything” mean that you should provide each feature asked by the user? No, it doesn’t mean that. But if you are not fulfilling your user’s demands, then how can he remain happy with you?

Let’s think of creating a simple design. Simplicity is a design principle that considers the user’s goals and provides the simplest way to achieve those goals. Simplicity is not just about using fewer colors or adding a lot of white space in your design, it is something that requires you to understand your user’s needs and provide a minimal design to fulfill them.

To create a simple and minimal design that makes your user happy requires certain actions.

  • Understand your user’s needs clearly by meeting them, observing them and working with them.
  • Design something that best suits your user’s requirements. Get frequent feedback from your user.
  • Perform usability testing at each stage of the design and eliminate redundant options which are not important for your user.
  • Think of the simplest way to perform a user’s task. Remove extra details from your design that you usually add to enhance your design.
  • Use progressive disclosure approach to differentiate between basic and advanced features.

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It means that creating a simple design requires a continuous review of the design and removal of unnecessary details from it. When you reach a point where you couldn’t find any extra option to remove, you have created a design that allows your user to meet his objective using the simplest possible way.

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To better understand, this quote can be mapped to our personal life. Every time we let go of over-thinking about unnecessary drama, we start feeling happy. Letting go of negative thoughts brings peace in our lives.

Similarly, letting go of all extra details and redundant options from your design makes your user happy and satisfied.

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