Accessibility in Design

5 Important Principles of Accessibility in Design

Accessibility means your design provides the ability to access your products with ease to as many users as possible. UX designers have people with disabilities in mind when making sites more accessible, but in doing so, they usually make better designs for all users.

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Accessibility in Design
Accessible Design 2
Accessible Design 3

UX Courses

Accessible Design 4
Accessible Design Alt Tag
Accessible Design Keyboard Support

UX Courses

Accessible Design Screen Reader
Accessible Design Page Structure
Accessible Design Color Blindness
Accessible Design 10

UX Courses

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Learn UX Design

To learn more on how to design better experiences, consider the Interaction Design Foundation’s (IDF) online courses on UI Design Patterns for Successful Software.

Apart from courses, webinars, and bootcamps, the IDF is also home to the biggest and most authoritative library of open-source UX Design Resources. Check out the free UX Literature here.

In addition, the UX Academy offers world-class 1-on-1 online training in UX design, access to a vibrant community, and help to get a product design job.

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