Design Constraints

How to Turn Design Constraints into Advantages?

“Design is the beauty of turning constraints into advantages.” – Aza Raskin

The UX designers often encounter different constraints while working on the design process. These constraints can be related to budget, resources, technical limitations, or other factors.

It is important for UX designers not to get worried and hence lose their creativity in response to these constraints. Instead, they need to learn how to convert these constraints into opportunities and use them as advantages to enhance user satisfaction.

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 Whenever a constraint occurs, as a UX designer, analyze the constraint and try to find out an alternative solution.

  • First understand why the constraint occurs
  • Meet to stakeholders, which in most cases will be the client, and find out how they are interpreting the constraints
  • Find out the impact of constraints on the design decisions
  • Device alternate solutions that best meet with the client requirements as well as do not impact your design experience

Do not hide constraints and limitations from clients as well as from users. Handle them tactically without compromising the product performance.

If the constraints belong to clients, ask them for help and request the required support. If the constraints are related to users, resolve them by providing alternate solutions that best match their needs and goals.

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