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Usability Testing

A Guide on How to Conduct Usability Testing

Usability testing is a powerful technique that helps you to test a product among a set of participants. This test helps to evaluate the product in terms of both user experience and functionality and highlights any shortcomings that need to be resolved before developing and launching the product.

Free Image Resources for Designers

6 Free Image Resources for UX Designers

While working on design tasks, designers always require a set of free images. Beautiful and attractive images help to build designs that catch user attention.

Confirmation Bias

How to Overcome Confirmation Bias in UX Design?

Confirmation bias is the tendency to look for the information or interpret the information in a way that supports our prior beliefs and opinions. Being a human, this tendency is natural, and it is very common to pay attention to things that match our views and ignore or dislike the piece of information that contradicts our opinions even if it is correct or based on facts.

Design Tip 15 - Navigation Bar

Design Tip #15 – Navigation Bar

Don’t use multiple colors in the bottom navigation bar. It will make it harder to find out the selected icon and navigate between options.

How to create a design system 1

8 Basic Steps to Create a Design System

An organization’s success is directly linked to its design system since it enforces a shared language and consistent experience throughout the products.

Design and Data

Importance of Data in UX Design Process

“Design based on data brings us back to its essence & will leave out all unnecessary decoration.” – Jeanne De Bont  Data and Design need to be integrated to enhance the user experience of your products. Design decisions based on data will keep you moving in the right direction throughout the design process.

progress indicator linear 8

UX Design of Creative Progress Indicators with Examples

What is a Progress Indicator? When a user is working on a product, it is very common that he must wait for some time after performing an action. The progress indicators help to enhance the experience of this waiting time for the user.

Learn UX Design 1

Learn UX Design By Industry Leaders At IDF

The importance of UX design has increased tremendously over the past few decades. However, to keep your products updated and leading the market, it is important to conduct necessary redesign.


5 Tips to Design Useful Dashboards

The most important step towards designing dashboards is to know about the audience for whom you are creating the dashboard and what value will it provide to them.